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#scoreboard looks like I'll finish out May with about 58.5K, 1.5K short of my goal......July will be the true test! Should have my second product back online and an extra 6 new variations. Goal is 85K in August and 100K in my birth month of September for my birthday.

Schrone Hardeman

Kyle Stephens' Pinterest Academy is the BOMB!!!
I'm going through it right now and I love it!!!

I cannot wait to see the results and YES I'll share them with you. I'm about 1/2-way through it right now and love where it's got me already!!!

I highly recommend it!

Michael Vail

It’s not a lottery. It’s an actual business that these people are teaching you how to run. They give you the tools that you need to start your own business and work hard for profits. The way you give information and the way you have it set up is A to Z. It all depends on how bad you want it.

Schrone Hardeman

Nine University Elite Student

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Cool first find! Exciting! We really like Boost 9 Pro! Totally worth the extra mula! We really like the ROI feature. Super informative to see what other people in the market are making $$$ on the product your interested in!

Alyssa Hansen

Honey Badger Boost did some fantastic photos and the listing info looks super legit. I know for sure I wouldn’t have wanted to do this part of the work myself. Stellar work.

Kenisha Washington

If you can afford "FAST TRACK" you really should invest in it. It's sorta what you're asking for press this press that click here click there BUT ITS NOT a "HANDS OFF" kind of a deal. It's a 24/7 CHAT line that you can use when you get stuck. Fast track is worth it...

Shane Nojiri

The community is incredible. The fact that we have a community of people in this group that are like family, its starts at the top. You guys stress family and you love us and you love your family and that’s evident. So this is a great group, great family, they support each other.

Real genuine, real authentic. Real helpful is a simplistic word to use, but the knowledge is top notch.

Bobby Pullen

Successful Amazon Seller

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Nine University's values guide the ship

1. When the family succeeds, we succeed.

Ensures we always put the best interests of our community first.

2. Profit allows for impact.

We are not ashamed of running a profitable business, as this allows us to help, employ, and empower more people.

3. Simple is better.

All of our products follow the K.I.S.S. principal. We are more concerned with customers using the products to get results than delivering a flashy product.

4. Founding Faith.

Our founders put Jesus first. This is expressed in everything we do by the simple, "Love your neighbor as yourself".

5. Be transparent.

We tell it like it is. There is no room for vagueness or half-truths at Nine University.

6. Hire great people.

A vast percentage of our success can be attributed to hiring world-class people, and empowering them to creatively make Nine University better each and every day.

7. Bust your butt.

Nine U is NOT a community of skeptics, tire-kickers, or "maybe-someday's".

Why Work Here?

Here are a few reasons

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Purpose and Profit

Nine University truly helps thousands of people every year achieve a dream they may have had for their entire lives. Seeing this play out in real life and in real time is a life changing benefit of working at Nine U.

Global Impact

Nine U has customers and employees in nearly every major city and country in the world. From Pittsburgh to Chicago to Tel Aviv, we are painting a beautiful, worldwide e-commerce canvas.

No Nonsense & Results Focused

Working at Nine U is the opposite of "punching a clock". You will be trained to make every second productive and to chart and chase after attainable goals. 

Our employees love working here because as long as you are chasing your specific metrics, you have massive freedom.

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